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Electric mobility scooters help to provide freedom and convenient mobility for thousands of people these days. Electric mobility scooter s are a mobility aid similar to wheelchairs but configured like 4 wheel motor scooters.

Mobility scooters are very easy to use. Simple handle bars for steering and are usually controlled using the thumb or fingers pushing or pulling a simple lever.

While the electric mobility scooter is primarily for outdoor use, there are many versions built for ease of use in public indoor spaces like supermarkets and department stores. However the smaller scooters developed for hybrid indoor and outdoor use, known sometimes as 'travel mobility scooters', typically are lower power and do not usually have the range of their bigger cousins. Travel mobility scooters are lightweight and manoeuvrable and can often be transported in the boot of a car. Some are even compact enough to be taken as luggage on aircraft.

Larger mobility scooters designed totally for outdoor on road use are Class 3. These 8mph mobility scooters are road legal, and can travel fairly long distances. These devices also tend to cope very well with slopes and small hills. They have even been used as golf carts by some outgoing users.

People use mobility scooters for a number of reasons. They obviously offer a way for people with disabilities or the elderly to retain their independence. They are especially useful for routine shopping trips, general outbound social travel and sometimes have even replaced the motor car for some users whom perhaps no longer are able to drive a car legally. Heavy duty mobility scooters can often carry weight of up to 500 lbs are increasingly practice to own and use regularly.

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