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Rise and Recline Chairs

Rising Chairs that help you stand comfortably have become an essential for many households. Take a look at the benefits of a comfortable rising chair today.


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Rise & Recline Chairs  

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Rise and recline chairs are designed to help people stand up and get out of the chair by lifting them to a near perfect standing position.

Rise and recline chairs are an important piece of furniture in the homes of thousands of people around the world suffering with mobility issues and impairments.

Buying a rise and recline chair can dramatically improve the lives of people who struggle with the task of getting in and out of an armchair. They are also good for individuals who cannot sit for extending periods of time or who have pressure sores. Rise and recline chairs can be helpful for people who are held back by heart disease, lung problems, circulatory issues, back pain, arthritis and rheumatism.

When deciding what type of rise recline chairs you want for your living room, consider the style and colour of your existing furniture and be sure the chair will fit in well and match these existing furnishings. Obviously consider things like colour and the styling of the new chair. Many companies have a wide range of styles that should help you to find a match for your current decor and colour scheme. Fabrics are also quite varied and rise and recline chairs are of course also popular in leather.

When considering things like fabric or leather, bear in mind that a rise and recline chair will need to be more wear resistant than a normal chair simply because of the functions it takes raising a person to a standing position. Leather is normally a very good option due to its ability to resist abrasion. It is also very comfortable when moving against clothing.

Rise and recline chairs are available in a variety of sizes. Normally small medium and large. Some manufacturers off specialist made to measure services required. The basic rise and recline chair features a single motor, allowing for the up and down motion of the chair. When the user wants to stand up, pressing the relevant button will raise the chair and the user will be lifted from a seated position to an almost standing position.

Chairs of a higher specification offer enhanced features such as, compartments, pockets, heat and massage, fold out trays, drink holders and various options perhaps unique to individual manufacturers. A twin motor chair offers additional features, usually the back of the chair and foot rest move independently of each other. These types of chair are generally used for longer periods of time and even encourage users into comfortable sleeping positions.

Modern rising chairs are usually very reliable and many are fitted with a battery back up so that in the event of a power outage the chair will still help its occupant to stand up. The battery will often in fact power the chair for two or three lifts. Most modern chairs have inbuilt anti-trap functions to stop things from getting stuck or trapped in the mechanism. To limit the risk of a child accident, some chairs only work if a key has been entered into the handset.